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Becoming an IELTS Master: Opening the Doors to Success

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Becoming an IELTS Master: Opening the Doors to Success


IELTS Reading (Heading Matching)

This type of questions known to be one of the hardest for vast majority of the people.

As I belong to a non-native country I also have numerous problems about how to match the queries with paragraph. Well, let us first know the questions.

Usually there is a passage where it contains 5-7 of these questions and this kind of passages consists 6-7 paragraph. The main things that you need to do is-

SKIM the whole passage. Some argues to read first 3 and last 3 sentences of each passage but I would suggest to do it otherwise and read in details.

SCAN the queries thoroughly and take keywords. Afterwards, go to the passage again and then solve it.

Don’t waste time on 1 question, SKIP it if you must.

These are the founding rules to solve the queries. However, I started by scanning the queries and then skimming passage with the circled keywords and it saved my time both in practice and in the real test. Don’t worry, just be relax, take a deep breath, put a timer and use your own tips.

Down below there are the 2 passages and few questions for you to solve.

Here’s some questions for you.

Reading Exercises. Matching headings.

Reading Exercises. Matching headings.

Exercise 1

Read the text and answer the questions below.

Exploring London’s Premier Design Festival

London’s annual nine-day design festival is a dazzling display of creativity, boasting over 300 product launches, installations, and exhibitions. It’s an extravaganza where every visitor has a unique experience, taking away something special. Amidst the sheer diversity, this year’s edition revealed intriguing themes and trends that resonate with broader social and cultural interests.

Reading Exercises. Matching headings.

Reading Exercises. True/False/Not given & Matching headings.

Exercise 2

Read the text and answer the questions below.

The Evolution of Woodlands in Great Britain

The climate in Britain has undergone significant changes over the past several million years, characterized by long periods of arctic conditions punctuated by relatively brief interglacial periods. We are currently in one such interglacial period. In geological terms, British woodland history is relatively short, closely intertwined with the development of human civilization.